Natalie Case


BA( Hons) ( first class ) Photography

After 20 years of being an Art Tech and Teacher in both 6th form and secondary schools on the south coast of England and in Gloucester, in 2016 I upped sticks and relocated with my husband for his work to Singapore for a four year contract. Out of education for the first time in years I gave myself the task of up skilling. Ceramics was the one medium I hadn’t fully explored, so I enrolled at a couple of studios and began to discover the beauty of clay.

Alongside my lessons I gradually set up a home studio and began to build my confidence, developing a style and approach that would showcase the clay and it’s functionality. Working predominantly in earthenware my work began to evolve from throwing functional wares on the wheel to working with my slab roller. I found a fascination in the journey of each bag of clay, from this solid lump out of its bag to a uniformed flat slab, to then creating spherical orbs which would become teapots, vases and bowls. This fascination of the clays journey was born from one of my tutors in Singapore, Mr Lim of Ceramic House, an amazing tutor who alongside his wife created the most incredible work, he taught me to stop rushing for an outcome and to alter my relationship with the medium, he spoke of clay as a friend, it was a lesson for me to slow down and not demand so much from the clay, to not hurry and force it into new forms but for the clay to…

“be taken gently by the hand and walked quietly and kindly on its journey”

This one piece of advice changed my practice and I began to slow down my production of random pieces and began to focus upon perfecting sets of each form, understanding each step, respecting the clay and honouring it with patience.

Back in Stroud for the past 10 months with a great little studio within Craft at the Center I continue to develop my range of earthenware functional wares with my signature Humbowl, Thumbowl, dimple mugs, teapots, coffee pot and dripper sets, jugs and vases, as well as running a drop in for members and teaching slab building workshops 🙂